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2009-06-18 Wall Street Journal Iranians Using Tor to Anonymize Web Use
2009-06-18 Technology Review The Web vs. the Republic of Iran
2009-06-17 ComputerWorld Iran's leaders fight Internet; Internet wins (so far)
2009-06-17 CNet News Iranians find ways to bypass Net censors
2009-05-29 Le Monde Les censeurs du Net
2009-05-15 Mass High Tech Tor tackles Net privacy
2009-05-01 New York Times Iranians and Others Outwit Net Censors
2009-04-23 Technology Review Dissent Made Safer: How anonymity technology could save free speech on the Internet.
2009-04-22 Le Monde Comment contourner la cybersurveillance ?
2009-04-06 Al Jazeera Global Village Voices showcases Tor
2009-04-06 Reader's Digest How to Hide Anything
2009-03-18 Marie Claire How to Manage Your Web Footprint
2009-03-13 Wall Street Journal The Kindness of Strangers
2009-03-12 The Tor Project performance roadmap
2009-03-12 BBC World Service Steven J Murdoch interviewed about Tor and Censorship
2009-03-03 Orf Austria Onion-Router bringt Überwacher zum Weinen
2009-02-18 Bangkok Post The old fake "404 not found" routine
2009-02-13 Hearsay Culture Hearsay Culture Radio Interview/Podcast
2008-12-29 nu.nl Anoniem browsen voor gsm in de maak
2008-12-19 The Tor Project development roadmap
2008-11-17 PC Magazine: Middle & Near East How To Reclaim Your Online Privacy
2008-08-22 The Sydney Morning Herald The China Syndrome
2008-08-21 CNN Experts: Internet filtering and censorship rife
2008-08-20 Scientific American Cryptography: How to Keep Your Secrets Safe
2008-08-10 Tech Radar UK Freedom Stick highlights Chinese 'net censorship: USB drive promises anonymous surfing for the paranoid