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Data Publicação Tópico
2011-08-22 VOA News: Asia Some Chinese Surf Freely, for Now
2011-08-01 Peace & Conflict Review Tor, Anonymity, and the Arab Spring: An Interview with Jacob Appelbaum
2011-06-18 CNN: Tech Starting a revolution with technology
2011-06-12 CNN: Tech Wiping away whistle-blowers' online fingerprints
2011-05-14 BBC: Click Andrew and Dr. Angela Sasse from UCL were interviewed by the BBC Click program about why Internet Anonymity is important and valuable in a modern, networked society.
2011-03-29 CNN: Situation Room Tor featured in a segment about US companies providing censorship to repressive regimes and those circumventing their products.
2011-03-18 Telegraph Iran cracks down on web dissident technology
2011-03-17 Bloomberg Social Networking: Fighting to Remain Anonymous
2011-03-10 NyTeknik Svenska biståndspengar till Facebookrevolutionen
2011-03-09 Washington Post U.S. funding tech firms that help Mideast dissidents evade government censors
2011-02-17 Walpole Times Tor Project, a Walpole-based company, helps Egyptians avoid Internet
2011-02-01 Seeker Egypt's Internet Block Incomplete But Damaging
2011-01-31 IDG Poland Egipt blokuje Internet, aktywiści szukają alternatyw
2011-01-31 New Scientist How Egypt is getting online
2011-01-31 El Pais Sortear la censura a golpe de fax
2011-01-31 NPR: WBUR U.S. Activists Help Egyptians Elude Online Censorship
2011-01-30 Boston Globe Foreign activists stay covered online
2011-01-30 Fox 25 News - Boston Local company helps give Egyptians internet access
2011-01-30 New England Cable News Mass. company helps activists avoid online government censorship
2011-01-29 Tor öppnar dörrar för nätdissidenter
2011-01-29 ComputerWorld Without Internet, Egyptians find new ways to get online.
2011-01-28 Globe and Mail In a span of minutes, a country goes offline
2010-12-22 Technology Review Home Internet with Anonymity Built In
2010-12-17 New York Times Magazine Granting Anonymity
2010-11-03 metro sverige Sida hjälper utsatta bli anonyma på nätet