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2017-08-18 Fast Company The Tor Project won't censor the Daily Stormer - here's why
2017-08-17 CNET Tor Project 'disgusted' by Daily Stormer, defends software ethos
2017-07-29 The Register Dark web doesn't exist
2017-07-20 Venture Beat Tor Project Opens Bug The Tor Project launches its first public bug bounty program through HackerOne
2017-05-19 BestVPN 35+ Best Free Utilities for your Computer
2017-04-25 TechCrunch Funding for the Tor Project reached a record $3.3 million in 2015
2017-02-09 Forbes Tor Project's New Mobile App Alerts You To Internet Surveillance And Censorship
2017-01-17 Macworld Anonymous browsing with Tor reduces exposure
2016-09-19 The Guardian How to contact the Guardian securely
2016-09-16 CNN This African country is taking an unprecedented step in internet censorship
2016-09-10 The Merkle Tor Developers Are Preparing For The Next Generation of Cyberattacks
2016-08-31 ArsTechnica Building a new Tor that can resist next-generation state surveillance
2016-08-26 The Merkle DOJ's Ovie Carroll: “Tor Helps Protect Sensitive User Information”
2016-08-12 BoingBoing Tor Project Social Contract
2016-08-11 The Inquirer Tor creates 'social contract' promising never to harm users
2016-08-10 TechCrunch Tor's new social contract includes ‘no backdoors' pledge
2016-08-06 MotherBoard Department of Justice Official Tells Hundred Federal Judges to Use Tor
2016-08-04 Softpedia Tor Project Improves Client Bootstrapping Performance, Linux Security
2016-07-07 http://www.htxt. Make it harder for the gov't to track your #ShutdownZimbabwe2016 messages
2016-07-05 The Inquirer Mozilla ups Firefox privacy ante with Tor injection
2016-07-03 The Guardian Extreme online security measures to protect your digital privacy – a guide
2016-06-28 Selfrando improves Tor Browser security
2016-06-24 The Merkel Selfrando Technique Makes Tor Nearly Invulnerable To De­anonymization Attacks
2016-06-23 Register What do Tor, Tails and Caddy have in common? Mozilla bucks
2016-06-22 Tech Eye Human Rights groups furious about new US warrant law