Nuova versione: Tor Browser 10.5

Tor Browser 10.5 è ora disponibile dalla pagina download di Tor Browser e dalla nostra directory di distribuzione. La versione Android è disponibile anche su Google Play e dovrebbe essere anche disponibile su F-Droid entro il giorno seguente.

Questa versione include importanti aggiornamenti sulla sicurezza per Firefox.

This new Tor Browser release is focused on improving the internet access of users connecting through Tor in censored contexts.


Deprecazione dei servizi Onion V2

Come abbiamo annunciato l'anno scorso, i servizi onion V2 saranno completamente irraggiungibili una volta che Tor Browser verrà spostato su Tor 0.4.6.x in Ottobre 2021. From now until then, Tor Browser will warn you when visiting a v2 onion site of its upcoming deprecation.

Snowflake is now available as a bridge

With Snowflake, censored users can rely on proxies run by volunteers to connect to the internet.

During Q1 this year, the UX team ran a survey on Tor Browser Alpha to better understand Snowflake’s user experience. The survey received 1,795 complete responses, of which 726 participants confirmed they use Snowflake as a pluggable transport. The majority of Snowflake users who completed the survey began using Tor Browser several times a week within the past year. 75% of users had a positive view of Snowflake, although many experienced connection troubles and slow speeds while browsing. These facts and the stable network of volunteers allow us to make it available on this release.

Improving the user experience of connecting to Tor

Tor Launcher has acted as the options panel for advanced Tor network configurations over the years. It also serves as a control point for users who are in censored networks. The UX and the Anti-Censorship teams joined efforts to improve the connecting flow for Tor Browser users. This release is the first in the upcoming series of helping censored users seamlessly access the open internet by simplifying the connection flow, detecting censorship and providing bridges.

Problemi conosciuti

Tor Browser 10.5 comes with a number of known issues:

Lascia un feedback

If you find a bug or have a suggestion for how we could improve this release, please let us know. Thanks to all of the teams across Tor, and the many volunteers, who contributed to this release.

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