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Datum Veröffentlichung Emne
2012-02-27 GigaOM Activists vow to defeat Iran's Internet censorship
2012-02-15 Le Monde Un nouvel outil contre la cybercensure testé en Iran
2012-02-13 IDG NL webwereld Iraanse overheid frustreert https-verkeer
2012-02-13 Ars Technica Tor's latest project helps Iran get back online despite new Internet censorship regime
2012-02-13 Radio Farda «تور» با پروژه‌ای جدید به جنگ فیلترینگ در ایران می‌رود "
2012-02-11 ITP Iran increases web censorship
2012-02-10 Forbes As Iran Cracks Down Online, Tor Tests Undetectable Encrypted Connections
2012-02-10 Linkiesta Contro i dissidenti in Internet, la guerra in Iran è già iniziata
2012-02-10 CNet News Tor anonymity project looks to help Iranians sidestep Net ban
2012-01-24 PC Welt HTTPS Everywhere in neuer Version
2012-01-24 PC Pro UK O2 plays down accusations of Tor censorship
2012-01-24 Broadband Choice UK ORG says mobile broadband providers are blocking Tor
2011-12-30 BNR Digital Hoe censuurbestrijder Tor wordt gecensureerd [video]
2011-12-30 Deutsche Welle Mit dem Zensor Katz-und-Maus spielen
2011-12-29 Boing Boing State of the arms race between repressive governments and anti-censorship/surveillance Tor technology (and why American companies are on the repressive governments' side)
2011-12-28 ZDNet Tor Project creates safer Internet
2011-12-01 itbusiness.ca Convenience technology threatening personal privacy, experts say
2011-11-23 IT Security Belgium Tor Project is tapping Amazon's EC2 cloud service
2011-11-22 Boing Boing Tor project asks supporters to set up virtual Tor bridges in Amazon's cloud
2011-11-21 Spiegel Online Chinas Internet-Zensoren testen neue Filter
2011-11-20 China Digital Times Government Blocks Encrypted Tunnels Through Great Firewall; Fang Binxing Talks Internet Sovereignty
2011-11-18 Dagens IT Tetter hullene i den kinesiske internett-muren
2011-11-16 Forbes China's Great Firewall Tests Mysterious Scans On Encrypted Connections
2011-11-15 Ars Technica Tor launches do-it-yourself privacy bridge in Amazon cloud
2011-08-28 The Tor Project new stable release